Philip Rowe

Exhibition Case Study

If you have happened to read some of the other posts here you’ve heard me write that one of my favorite questions to ask as a designer is ‘what if’. Most of the times this can be an interesting, fun and fascinating exercise. I admit, though, that sometimes the question can be a bit scary and whether we know it, the question can touch on our own insecurities and fears. My question was

What if I could not see?

You can imagine that, as a designer, the ability to see is rather important. So to simply ask this question, to me was a bit frightening. I will tell you this: what I learned from this experience, truly opened my eyes.

This realization led me to the mission statement of this Exhibition Experience:

Let an hour of blindness, open your eyes.

For this project I created the branding, street banner and opening night invitation print media.

The majority of the project’s design efforts focused on creating the actual experience. The title wall outside the entrance for the experience:

The space design is based loosely upon a maze layout. As the visitor moves through the low light exhibit they get to experience a visually impaired environment. For example there is an area where they get to learn about the process for counting steps and then they get to practice what they learned. In another room the visitor gets to view art made by visually impaired artists.

In researching the project and what could be included in this fictional exhibit I was blown away by the efforts in the areas of technology being developed to help the visually impaired. And I was particularly moved by the artists whose work I discovered when researching this topic.

As designers we can effect the environment around us by what we create. Sometimes, what we create affects us.

Tools Used: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Google Sketchup

For: Final Project for UCLA Exhibit, Experience Course