Philip Rowe

Non-profit Websites


I am a strong believer in using one’s talents to do something good. Fortunately, there is a whole non-profit organization called the Taproot Foundation that also believes in the same thing. Through Taproot I had the opportunity to join one of their teams for as the Graphic Designer for a Website Project grant for 1736 Family Crisis Center.

This organization does amazing work in assisting families that have been victims of domestic violence and they needed a website that told the story of the clients, staff as well as reaching potential donors.

In working with the great team at 1736 and in hearing their stories it inspired me to create a design that had a unique look and feel. I came up with this idea of focusing attention on the clients as stories on the home page. It is the first thing you see when you go to their website. When you select one of these client images then you are able to explore their story and hear how 1736 has changed their lives. Which also ties into their mission statement.

Another element that I wanted to include was to reflect the wonderful children’s art work that hangs in their shelters. So, the background for the website is not a typical solid color or image… instead I used a painted texture to infuse a sense of a child’s drawing of the bright blue sky and green grass.

This project was one of the most rewarding that I’ve ever worked on and I enjoyed working with the team at 1736 and the my co-Taproot people. Truly amazing experience.

Tools Used: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, DreamWeaver, Canon EOS, Acrylic Paints

For: 1736 Family Crisis Center, Taproot Foundation Grant


My 2nd Taproot Foundation Project was for the Good Shepherd Shelter Website Re-design. This particular project was different in that the platform selected was WordPress which helps greatly by providing a CMS (Content Management System) for the Shelter so they can update their content themselves. It did limit the amount of freedom in what was going to be possible for the final design.

As a service provider for victims of domestic violence, Good Shepherd Shelter offers an incredible range of support for families. The environment they offer is nurturing and their grounds are truly beautiful with lawns, lush landscaping and trees. It is these elements that I wanted to capture in the design for their website. Unfortunately, as so often happens in the design process… the final design that was chosen was a much more conservative choice.

None the less, the final design is one I am very proud of. Simple, clean, easy to navigate and read are the elements that they have with their new website.

Tools Used: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Keynote

For: Good Shepherd Shelter, Taproot Foundation Grant