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To me design is all about taking an idea and finding a great way to not only represent the idea, but to tell a story. After all, who doesn't love a great story...


Premium Beverage Packaging Case Study


Beverage bottle and package design

I've always been interested in beverage branding and packaging. Recently I've noticed that there seems to be even more creative ways in which brands are distinguishing and marketing themselves. I wanted to try to do something unique with this created brand for a premium tequila bottle beverage idea.

The brand name I came up with was 'exu'. I wanted a name that eluded to luxury, taste and a little bit of fun. Ok, well funky and cool, too. Another difference is that each four pack has four different infused flavors. Both the logo's accent and package reflect the various flavors in their coloring.

The bottle design I created in a 3D design program and rendered the images you see here. Frosted glass with the 'exu' logo and a clean modern shape. The packaging is a semi-transparent dark, dark gray to bring a premium feel to the package and the large colorful X on the side to make it distinctive and recognizable.



Tools Used: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Cheetah 3D

For: UCLA Package Design Project

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